Guru Granth Sahib Translation Project




  1. Free online library and Repository for Sikh Books.
  2. Translate Guru Granth Sahib in All Major Global languages.
  3. Print and Distribute Free Guru Granth Sahib Globally.
  4. Print and Distribute Sikh Books Globally.

Most Important Mission

To translate the Guru’s divine word in all languages.

To help create environment and translations to have Gurdwaras have one session  for local language, eg Gurudwaras in Mexico to have one session in Spanish language, Gurudwaras in Chennai to have one session in Tamil ext.

Goal of 2020

 TaskPercentage Completed
1.Japji Sahib Translation Voice Recording in 20 international Languages60% complete
2.Japji Sahib PDF in 20 languages80% complete
3.Translation of SGGS to SwahiliStarted
4.Translation of SGGS to Arabic100% Complete
5.Reformatting of Spanish Guru Granth Sahib45% complete
6Reformatting of German Guru Granth Sahib100% Complete
7Reformatting of French Guru Granth Sahib100% complete
8.Print SGGS for Free Global Distribution 4th Print100% Completed
9Print Japji Sahib for USA distribution 20,000 copies100% Completed
9SGGS Sanchis 2 Part Free Global Distribution 2nd Print100% completed
10Sukhmani Sahib Translations 20 major languages50% complete
11Sukhmani Sahib Voice Recording 20 major languages30% complete
12Japji Sahib Translation in 20 Indian Languages30% complete
13Japji Sahib Voice Recording in 20 Indian Languages30% complete

We are delayed due to financial Constraints would appreciate Donations to help us achieve Goals. We have 0% overheads and 100% of the Funds are used only for above activities.

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