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Sikh Education Foundation Releases Translation of Guru Granth Sahib in Seven Languages

Los Angeles, California, Feb. 13, 2023 – Sikh Education Foundation has announced the release of the full spiritual translation of Guru Granth Sahib to the public in seven languages. Available to read and download for free in French, English, Arabic, Telugu, Oriya, Gujarati, and Hindi at localhost/sggonline and Translation work is progress in 21 languages.

According to Founder Thaminder Singh Anand, the spiritual translation of Guru Granth Sahib in these languages for the first time in Sikh history with a dedicated team of 50 translators eight years ago. The team comprising Sikh academicians and volunteers all over the world worked tirelessly to spread the divine word by translating the divine message of Gurus.

Guru Granth Sahib is an eternal living Guru, a poetic composition of Sikh Gurus, Hindu and Muslim Saints. The compilation is a gift from God through them to all humankind. The vision in the Guru Granth Sahib is of a society based on divine justice without oppression of any kind. While the Granth acknowledges and respects the scriptures of Hinduism and Islam, it does not imply a moral reconciliation with either of these religions. In Guru Granth Sahib, women are highly respected with equal roles as men. Women have the same souls as men and thus possess an equal right to cultivate their spirituality with an equal chance of achieving liberation. They can participate in all religious, cultural, social, and secular activities, including leading religious congregations.

“The more people learn about different faiths, cultures, and backgrounds, the less room there is for the fear and ignorance that can breed bigotry, racism, and discrimination. We believe that more translations will educate the global world about Sikhs who might otherwise be considered “different” or “other,” based on their backgrounds. It also has the great side benefit of making for a more holistic and well-rounded education for better preparing them to be citizens in a multicultural country and a globalized world,” said Anand.

Sikhism advocates equality, social justice, service to humanity, and tolerance for other religions. The essential message of Sikhism is spiritual devotion and reverence of God at all times while practicing the ideals of compassion, honesty, humility and generosity in everyday life. The three core tenets of the Sikh religion are meditating and remembering God, working for honest living and sharing with others. Kirat Karni (honest living), Vand Chakna (sharing with others) and Naam Japna (focus on God).

About Sikh Education Foundation
For more than 12 years, the Sikh Education Foundation has been working on translations and creating a repository of books.

About localhost/sggonline
localhost/sggonline humbly attempts to earnestly contemplate, reflect upon and translate in plain understandable English language, the infinite wisdom embodied in Gurbani verses enshrined in Shri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS).

About Sikh Book Club
Sikh Book Club is a charitable organization working for the betterment of the society by spreading Sikhism across the world that knows no boundaries when it comes to spreading Sikh ethics and the principles of Khalsa.

Organization: Sikh Education Foundation
Email: media@localhost/sggonline
Website: https://www.localhost/sggonline

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