Sikh Education Foundation Inc. is a 503-C Non Profit approved by the IRS. All donations are used for the propagation of Sikh ideology and education. All our translators, proof readers in Arabic, Swahili, Gujrati are paid. It is a massive amount of work that is being done and needs your support.

Main Activities Scanning and uploading Sikh books for free distribution for Translation and Voice Projects
* Print and distribution of Guru Granth Sahib in North America for Individuals and Gurudwaras, globally
* Translation of Guru Granth Sahib in major world languages, including Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Swahili, among others
* Voice Recording of Japji and Sukhmani Sahib in major world languages, including German, French, Spanish, among others
* Print and distribution of Gutkas and Sanchias in USA for individuals and Institutions Globally.

To donate please email check to:

Sikh Education Foundation Inc.
3811 Schaefer Ave, #B
Chino, CA 91710

or by Paypal or click at link below

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