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Rusty Gets Help [ English Comic ]

are some notable collections:

English Graphic Comics: Rusty Gets Help

Creating an impactful educational comic about the old tractor can be a great way to engage readers while celebrating diversity and promoting understanding.

Rusty Gets Help : The story “Rusty Gets Help” is about an old, faithful tractor named Aditya, from a unique village, that had dabbled for long down the years with the farmers. One fine morn, when the sun was gleaming up in the sky, he broke down, spewing smoke—an immobile thing sitting in the midst of a green field.

This is a story about cooperative spirit and feeling compassion toward the world around one; the villagers, joining their hands to repair Aditya, essentially stand for Sikh values of selfless service and mutual support.

These comics provide an engaging and visually appealing way to learn about Sikh Culture.


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